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Display player from WP posts

For any WordPress post or post types to be considered as podcast episode. It must include an audio attachment somewhere in its content. You can also assign categories to the posts for better filtering and categorization of the podcast episodes.

How to Display Podcast Player from WordPress Posts: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Create a new podcast player block in a post (You may also use podcast player widget, shortcode or Elementor widget).
  2. From the Fetch Podcasts dropdown in the right sidebar, select “From Posts”.
  3. All posts with audio files will automatically be displayed as episodes in the player.
  4. Filter the episodes by categories and tags, if desired.
  5. Add optional podcast information to the player.
  6. Preview and make sure you’re satisfied with the changes.
  7. Publish the page.

And that’s it! Your website audience can now enjoy the podcast player, displaying episodes from your WordPress posts.

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