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Update Podcast Feed data

When you enter your podcast feed URL in the podcast player, it will fetches the podcast data from the feed, sanitise it and process to gather required information. Although, podcast player is very fast in this. Still, this process can take some time and server resources. Therefore, to optimize time and resources, podcast player stores the above podcast information in your website’s database. It is to prevent doing the same fetching and processing every time someone visits your podcast page.

Podcast player automatically checks for new episodes or any other changes after every 12 hours cycle. This ensures that your listeners get the latest content with optimized page loading speed.

However, sometimes your new episode release cycle may be less then 12 hours. It may also be possible that you want to update the player immediately without waiting for the completion of 12 hours. Both of these are easily possible with the podcast player.

Modify the update cycle duration

  1. Podcast player Settings: Go to Podcast player dashboard > Podcast Player > Settings.
  2. The first settings on the page is the “Podcast update interval (in minutes).”. The default value for this setting is 720 minutes (12 hours).
  3. You can increase or decrease this value as per your specific requirements. Your podcast will be updated automatically after this duration.

Apply one time manual update immediately

  1. Podcast player Toolkit: Go to Podcast player dashboard > Podcast Player > Toolkit.
  2. Click on the “Feed Updation Tool”
  3. Select your podcast from the dropdown.
  4. Click on the “Update Podcast” button
  5. Your podcast should be updated immediately.
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