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Admin Settings Explained

In this article, we will guide you through the different podcast player settings available. To see and manage all setting in the podcast player, go to WordPress dashboard > Podcast player > Settings.

The first setting is the Podcast Update Interval setting. This will determine how often podcast player will check for any changes in your podcast data. We have explained this in detail in the previous article.

Minimize unintentional exposure setting is for hiding podcast data from the front-end. Unless you have a private podcast. This setting is not necessary. If you do want to conceal your podcast feed and audio URLs, you can enable this setting. Just make sure that podcast player is working perfectly on the front-end after enabling this option.

Images used in podcast feed tend to be large in size, which can slow down your website when used directly. This also prevents the benefits of image caching. To improve page speed, we should download to out WordPress media folder and serve smaller sized images in the player. Podcast player can do this for you automatically. Just enable Image Optimization setting to use this feature.

The next setting Add rel attributes adds attributes to the external links in the podcast episode summaries. It should improve SEO and website securities of your website.

Tha Advanced settings are only for specific cases and should not be enabled unless necessary. If you encounter problems with the podcast player, reach out to us. If any advanced setting can assist, we will advise you to enable it. Otherwise, leave them off.

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