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Introduction to the podcast player

Podcast player is a WordPress plugin. It offers an effortless and versatile way to show and play your existing podcast on your website. You need your podcast’s feed URL to get started. Once you provide the feed URL, the player will automatically pull in your podcast information and episodes. It will then create a podcast player, allowing you to start playing and showcasing your podcast right away on your website.

This is just a basic explanation of the functionality of this plugin. There are many more advanced features and customization options available in the plugin.

What is the podcasting feed URL?

A podcasting feed URL is the web address of a feed that contains information about a podcast and its episodes, such as episode title, description, media files, and publication date. This feed can be used by podcast directories and apps to automatically subscribe to and download new episodes as they become available. It can also be used by plugins (like podcast player) to create and play podcast web players. An example of a podcast feed URL might look like “https://www.example.com/feed/podcast“.

How to display player on your website?

Podcast player provide several methods to display the player on your website. You can use any of these methods to display the player. The methods are,

  1. Display using editor block
  2. Display in the Elementor page builder
  3. Display using shortcode
  4. Display using widgets

Customizing the podcast player

Podcast player free version offer a few options to customize your podcast player. These options include,

  1. Display layouts (templates) for your podcast player. Free version of podcast player offer three display layouts for the podcast player, default, modern and legacy layouts.
  2. Podcast player provide option to show or hide specific player element. You get full control over what should be displayed in the player.
  3. Sorting and basic filtering option. You can filter episodes to be displayed by a text string. Only episodes having the string in their title will be displayed.
  4. Option to add various subscription button of directories like apple podcast, spotify etc. Currently podcast player support subscribe buttons for 19 podcast directories.
  5. Option to change accent color (link and buttons color) to match with your overall website theme color.
  6. Customize basic podcast information like, cover image, description etc.

All these options will be available once you enter the podcasting feed URL in any of the methods mentioned above.

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