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Play button not playing the episode

An issue where nothing happens when you click on the play button on the podcast player. Also, if you click on any episode in the player it will also not play.

Quick Note: You can check in the console for any errors. This will help to quickly identify the issue. To check errors in the console, refer the following steps,

  1. Right-click on the webpage and select “Inspect” (or press F12).
  2. Click on the “Console” tab in the developer tools panel.
  3. Refresh the page and try to play the episode again.
  4. Any errors will appear in the console, along with a description.

There are three possible reasons for this error,

  1. The audio URL might not be valid. To test this, just get the audio URL of the episode from podcast feed or your podcast host and directly paste it in your browser’s address bar and check if the audio is playing there.
  2. The second reason could be a Mixed Content Error with your audio files,

    Quick Note Just check if your audio file’s url starts with http:// and your website’s url starts with https://. If yes, then you have a mixed content error as explained below. If not, then go to the third point.

    A mixed content error occurs when a website that is served over a secure HTTPS connection (i.e., the URL starts with “https”) attempts to load a resource over an insecure connection (i.e., the URL starts with “http”). This can happen with audio files as well.
    For example, if a website is served over HTTPS, but the audio file it’s trying to load is served over HTTP, the user’s browser will block the loading of the audio file and show a mixed content error. This is because the user’s browser is trying to protect the user from security risks associated with loading non-secure content.
    To resolve a mixed content error for audio files, you’ll need to ensure that the audio file is served over HTTPS. This may involve uploading the audio file to a secure server or changing the URL of the audio file to use HTTPS. Once the audio file is served over HTTPS, the mixed content error should be resolved, and the audio file should load correctly on the website.
  3. If your audio URL is correct and there is no issue with it. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Podcast Player > Settings and check if you have enabled “Minimize unintentional exposure of podcast data” setting. If yes, disable it and try again. If that resolve the issue, then your website might have disabled the Ajax calls. You can check with your security plugin or website host to enable Ajax calls on your website.

Contact us with the URL of the page if the above did not resolve this issue.

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