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Podcast player not getting updated

Let’s try to resolve this issue in the following steps,

  1. Normally, podcast player stores your feed data for 12 hours and automatically update the podcast after 12 hours. However, you can easily modify this to suit your needs. We have explained this in detail in this article. Refer linked article to resolve the issue.
  2. If the above step1 did not resolve the issue, please check if you are using a caching plugin. A caching plugin for WordPress can significantly improve the performance and loading speed of a website. However, it can also impact the display of dynamically generated data such as the podcast player. Caching plugins store a static version of your website pages to serve to visitors, rather than generating the pages dynamically with each request. This can cause issues with dynamically generated content, such as the podcast player, which updates the player for new episodes and any other changes. To ensure proper functioning of the podcast player with a caching plugin, it may be necessary to exclude the player pages from being cached, or to regularly clear the cache. You can get help from your caching plugin developer on this.
  3. If even after caching the podcast player is not displaying the updated data. Please navigate to WordPress dashboard > Podcast Player > Toolkit. Click on the “Feed Updation Tool”. Select your podcast from the dropdown and click on the “Delete Podcast” button. Now podcast player will delete all previously stored data and will fetch fresh data form the feed.
  4. If none of the above helps, please contact us for more help.
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