Product Scope of support

At Vedathemes, one of our primary goals is to provide detailed and timely support to our end-users. We really want to resolve any and every query you have related to our product(s). However, due to limited resources that we have, we must set a boundary for use-cases where we can and cannot address the support query.

At vedathemes, we will always support all advertised features in our themes and plugins. However, We won’t be able to address your support requests if they fall under any of the following,

  1. Custom development/features for a specific user or use case.
  2. Conflicts with other plugins (always test with other plugins disabled before contacting support)
  3. Conflicts with other themes (always test with the default WordPress Twenty-X theme before contacting support)
  4. Issues with custom code which modify our Product’s behavior.
  5. Custom CSS or Styling requirements.

Our products are designed for a specific scope and purpose, and we’re not able to support uses beyond that intended scope.  A license for our product entitles you to updates and support for that product’s existing feature set. Licenses do not entitle our users to demand service faster than our promised times, access to developers for custom development of features or code review, troubleshooting other plugins or themes, or acting inappropriately towards our support team.

Overall, we simply ask that you be reasonable in your expectations. Thank you so much for your understanding of our support policy.  We look forward to serving you soon!