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Podcast Player Shortcode

Easily display Podast player using Shortcode as mentioned in following steps,

Minimum Setup

For advanced setup, there are many shortcode parameters you can use to customise display of your podcast player. Shortcode parameters mentioned in above example is just for demonstration purpose. You may NOT need to use all of the parameters mentioned in below table, just use whatever is required to achieve a particular customization.

Complete list of parameters is as below,

Minimum required attributes

AttributeDefault ValueDescription
feed_urlYour podcast feed url

Customize Podcast Content

AttributeDefault ValueDescription
cover_image_urlYour Podcast’s cover image url
apple_subApple podcast subscription link
google_subGoogle podcast subscription link
spotify_subSpotify podcast subscription link
podcast_menuAny WordPress menu’s name, ID OR slug
number10Number of podcasts episodes to be displayed at a time
excerpt_length18Excerpt length (only with default and premium display style)

Show / Hide Player Items

AttributeDefault ValueDescription
header_defaultfalseShow player header items by default
list_defaultfalseDisplay Episodes list by default on small screen
hide_headerfalseHide player header items
hide_titlefalseShow / Hide podcast Title in header info section
hide_coverfalseShow / Hide podcast cover image
hide_descriptionfalseShow / Hide podcast description
hide_subscribefalseShow / Hide podcast subscribe button
hide_searchfalseShow / Hide podcast search field
hide_authorfalseShow / Hide author/podcaster’s name
hide_contentfalseShow / Hide podcast episode’s content
hide_loadmorefalseShow / Hide podcast load more button
hide_downloadfalseShow/ Hide podcast episode download link
hide_socialfalseShow/ Hide podcast episode social sharing links
hide_featuredfalseHide podcast episode featured image (Value: true OR false)

Podcast player styling

AttributeDefault ValueDescription
accent_color#65b84fPodcast player’s accent color hexcode
display_stylePodcast player display style. Options:
” (for default view OR do not use this attribute),
legacy (for legacy view),

Sort & Filter options

AttributeDefault ValueDescription
sortbysort_date_descSort episodes
(Available options: sort_date_desc, sort_date_asc, sort_title_desc, sort_title_asc)
filterbyFilter by any string in episode’s title
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